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Frequency Asked Questions

$ 43.00 each time you take the exam
Identi-GO, Our Identi-Go code is listed on our website and the cost is $39.00
No you don’t need a college degree nor a G.E.D
No Texas is not a Certificate State which means you do not need Pre-Licensing hours before appearing for the State Insurance Exam. However, it is highly recommended
No, you cannot apply for your license until you have successfully passed the State Insurance Exam
Yes, you can have more than one insurance license
You will need to contact the Texas Department of Insurance to ask that question. It is handled on a case-by-case basis
a. Live Webinar: You will be watching a live class with a live instructor from the luxury of your computer. You will be able to hear the instructor teach the course and the questions asked by the students. In addition, you will have the capability to ask questions during the Live webinar and have them answered by the instructor. You will receive your study materials via on-line.
b. In-classroom: You will attend an in-classroom course as a student where you will be able to interact with the instructor and other students in a classroom setting. You will be provided a book on the first day of class
No, you will need to schedule for the State Insurance Exam through www.pearsonvue.com
No, at the end of the course no Completion of Certificate will be given.
No, our classes are currently only offered in English
It will be the General Lines exam for either Property & Casualty or Life & Health

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