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Webinar Class - Aug 24-25

Tim was great! I just wish there was more time to cover ALL of the chapters and maybe split into 4 days instead of cramming into 2. But, with the help of the YouTube videos from John, this concept may work. Thank you

Cheryl Landry
Aug 26, 2019

Life and Health Class

I took the class in Dallas over the weekend, had my test scheduled for early that very next Tuesday morning. Well, low and behold I PASSED! And I am one of those folks who can't take a written test to save my life!. Kathi did a great job of putting things in laymen terms and how to remember key points. Thank you!

Holly Millett
Aug 20, 2019

Life & Health and Property & Casualty—Passed Both On First Try

I took the life and health class in the classroom and the PNC online. Mr. Cook was a great teacher explained aspects in test ready examples. The online practice test are phenomenal. I would suggest that everyone do them before they take the test.

LaTayne Bruce
Aug 12, 2019

Great Class

I attended the 2 day training for P&C. I was able to utilize the online practice tests for an hour or two for the next 5 days and then passed the exam the following Saturday with an 81%. The binder they provided at the beginning of class was beneficial and also helped prepare for the exam! I was able to get fingerprinted and apply for license the following tuesday and about a week later, was officially licensed!!

Aug 06, 2019

Top Notch Training

The class provides training on a personalize level, and the printed material and videos reinforced the lectured material in a way to help students grasp the various concepts of Property & Casualty. I was committed to passing the exam on my1st try & had a very short time frame to complete this task. Thanks to Tim, his patience, and the excellent learning material provided, I passed on my 1st attempt.

Joyce Hall
Aug 01, 2019

Wonderful Class

Class Date: 7/28-7/28: The class was very relaxed, informative. Mr. Tim was able to answer the questions that were presented to him in as many ways as needed for the entire classroom to understand. I had previously tried some other courses for L & H online but I have to say...the class, the online audio, pdf's, video's and practice exams helped me pass my test! Give it a try! You will not regret it!

Rachel Garcia
Jul 30, 2019

Outstanding Class

I have been taking many classes for different purposes in Medical and Insurance. I was impressed with Ms. Kathi Travers, that with her simplicity and incredible experience make her an outstanding teacher. She is easy to approach with any questions. Definitely, John Congratulations to put this wonderful material together to help people prepare properly for the Exam. I just have to study, and I am very sure, I will pass as the rest of the people who have taken the class. Thank you!!

Sonia Hoskins
Jul 22, 2019

Very well done

Went to the classroom session in Dallas. Was very well taught and very informative. Took my test and passed no problem. Less than a week later

Joshua Bell
Jul 19, 2019

Great training material

This was the best training class. I would only ask that you include a list of acronyms.

Phillis Col
Jul 11, 2019


Class was great very to the point! No time wasted! See you soon for life and health!

Elizabeth Kinler
Jul 07, 2019