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Life & Health Class

Great class! Good in depth coverage of chapters. I would highly recommend! Mrs. Martinez was a great instructor.

Stephanie Vega
Sep 09, 2019

Life & Health class San Benito 9.7-9.8.19

Great class and awesome instructor! Well put together. I feel confident of challenge ahead. Thank you!

Carlos A. Cardenas
Sep 09, 2019

Awesome Life & Health class

After several attempts at self studying thru other reputable programs and feeling defeated, I found Texas Insurance Academy. Though I hadn’t previously taken the actual exam, I knew this class was what I needed. Tim was an awesome teacher, who really broke the need to know information down. As they guarantee, I was able to take the exam and successfully pass. Get this though, his information was so in depth and well dissected, I took the exam 2weeks later due to availability and still passed my 1st attempt. Shout out to Tim and all at Texas Insurance Training Academy for all that they do!! Happily looking forward to all the world of insurance has to offer.

Mrs. Shauna Caine
Sep 07, 2019

Life and Health

The material provided for the Webinar was excellent. It narrowed down many concepts that made it easier to understand. I particularly liked the contract illustrations when explaining for example Increasing Term, etc. Tim explained difficult things in a way that truly sticks in you brain! I passed my exam yesterday, 2 days after the webinar. I would definitely recommend this course. Thanks!

Hilda Gonzalez
Aug 28, 2019

Highly Recomended

This is my second time using TITA for a training class. I did the P&C with Tamela this past weekend, and passed my health after the class with John back in 2015. Great P&C class and very confident on taking me exam next week. I have sent many agents-to-be to the life & health class, and they always come out raving of how much they learned.

Aug 26, 2019

Webinar Class - Aug 24-25

Tim was great! I just wish there was more time to cover ALL of the chapters and maybe split into 4 days instead of cramming into 2. But, with the help of the YouTube videos from John, this concept may work. Thank you

Cheryl Landry
Aug 26, 2019

Life and Health Class

I took the class in Dallas over the weekend, had my test scheduled for early that very next Tuesday morning. Well, low and behold I PASSED! And I am one of those folks who can't take a written test to save my life!. Kathi did a great job of putting things in laymen terms and how to remember key points. Thank you!

Holly Millett
Aug 20, 2019

Life & Health and Property & Casualty—Passed Both On First Try

I took the life and health class in the classroom and the PNC online. Mr. Cook was a great teacher explained aspects in test ready examples. The online practice test are phenomenal. I would suggest that everyone do them before they take the test.

LaTayne Bruce
Aug 12, 2019

Great Class

I attended the 2 day training for P&C. I was able to utilize the online practice tests for an hour or two for the next 5 days and then passed the exam the following Saturday with an 81%. The binder they provided at the beginning of class was beneficial and also helped prepare for the exam! I was able to get fingerprinted and apply for license the following tuesday and about a week later, was officially licensed!!

Aug 06, 2019

Top Notch Training

The class provides training on a personalize level, and the printed material and videos reinforced the lectured material in a way to help students grasp the various concepts of Property & Casualty. I was committed to passing the exam on my1st try & had a very short time frame to complete this task. Thanks to Tim, his patience, and the excellent learning material provided, I passed on my 1st attempt.

Joyce Hall
Aug 01, 2019