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First time pass

Great class. Had to get license as soon as possible. Took and passed two days after just taking one day following to study! Material provided to study was actually more challenging than exam. This was a blessing. Huge thanks!

Matthew Cross
Oct 30, 2018


This class was awesome, they provide you exactly with the material you need to pass the first time. I felt really prepared and another bonus is the simulation provided you with questions that were really similar. over all I would highly recommend it

Oct 29, 2018

Life and Health course

Terrific course. Requires focus and attention during the classes and time in the test questions afterward, but the only way to go for insurance newbies.

Bailey Nichols
Oct 22, 2018

It Works!!

So here is some feedback. I was PETRIFIED when I understood that your program was not intended to teach me about insurance. I am typically an over-preparer. I research... I learn... I prepare. It was very difficult for my brain to willingly work with limited information. Tamela had to keep reminding me to trust the process and focus only on the material she was teaching. Once I was able to wrap my head around that concept and stop fighting wanting to know all the how’s and whys, I dove into the online study material and made full use of the quizzes and pre-tests. Over.... and over lol. I took my state test on October 10th and aced it with a 94! Keep doing what you’re doing because if it can work with for me fighting it every step of the way.... it can work for anyone! Thank you! ~ Pam

Oct 22, 2018

Awsome class

I took both my life and health and P&C exam from with John . He is awsome . I recommend this class to everyone .

Afshan Yousuf
Oct 19, 2018


Very helpful and laid back. Really enjoyed the class and learned a lot at the same time!

Oct 09, 2018

Life and Health Insurance Class

Very informative class in a laid-back environment!

Darrell Cavil
Oct 08, 2018

Life & Health

“Terms and bullets” it definitely is the only way to study. Thank you John for the reminder emails and encouragement.

Sep 29, 2018

Life, Accident ans Health

Many thanks to John and Tamela, Me: I was the world's biggest procrastinator. My first 2 day class was with John in March. Then another 2 day class in April. Then a 2 day web class in April with John. Never scheduled my test. I was getting a little perturbed with myself with my continued lack of confidence and procrastinating skills. Embarrassed by my laziness I called John and went to another 2 day class in Ft.Worth with Tamela over Labor Day. I was getting desperate to take that test. In the mean time I had paid for 7 months of ExamFX classes. All my practice test scores were in the high 60's. I took 2 of the final ExamsFX before you you take the state exam. Only got a 78 both times. My mind said it's now or never. Finally scheduled my exam (no kidding) studied for the week before the test and made an 88. This should encourage you to take the exam. Like John said do not read into the question. Read the question for what it says and do not think into question. Good luck! Gary

Sep 25, 2018

Health and Life Insurance

Awesome!!! Mr. John was my instructor and is is very thorough and knowledgeable. He makes sure you understand the material. John makes himself available for questions and breaks down anything you may not understand. The instructions he provides keeps you interested in the topics of discussion. I would take a course from him anytime.

Pamela J
Sep 19, 2018