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Life and Health

I attended John Patton class to prepare for the Texas Life and Health Exam. Thanks to John I passed first try with flying colors. Thanks for all you do and your website review is awesome.

Feb 11, 2020

Amazing Instructor!

I am 40 years old and feel I have nothing to show for with my degree in Health Administration. So I decided to give it a shot and become an Insurance Agent with the hopes of being my own boss someday! I did my research and found Texas Insurance Academy interesting. I did my homework and compared it to other training classes and John's class seemed the best for me. Don't get me wrong, the class was hard (for me anyways since I suffer from Dyslexia). I took the course and loved that fact that John was not BSing us. He went straight to the point of what we needed to know. I listened to his recordings for a week prior to class and another week I had to study the material over and over and take the quizzes a lot. Happy to say I passed the first time thanks to John's methods.

Fernando Rey Villalobos
Jan 28, 2020

Excellent Course Structure and Instructor!

I cannot express enough gratitude to John and his team. John's technique in teaching the material made it fun and engaging. I left the class feeling informed but not overwhelmed. Sure there was a lot of information to cover, but the way he taught it made it stick in my brain. John seemed very invested in me achieving my goal. He is very prompt in his communication and was always available to answer any questions or concerns that I had. I am happy to say I passed the state exam from the very 1st attempt and now I am in the process of applying for my license. Thank you John for all your help and guidance. I highly recommend your academy and you. It was money well spent on my part and I am grateful for all your help.

Sylvie Broussard
Jan 26, 2020

Exceeded my expectations. Back to Back P&C and L&H

I have been a stay at home mom for 20 years. The last time I was in any training was 25 years ago. I was on a very tight schedule to get my licenses. The instructors and the materials definitely gave me the tools I needed to be prepared and pass my state test within my 4 day timeline for each exam.... Not to mention the instructors making class incredibly enjoyable and fun.. I would absolutely recommend Texas Insurance Training Academy. Thanks again Tamara and John.

Tammi Peters
Jan 22, 2020

Very well organized and informative

I was pleased with the organization and information regarding the content that was covered in the class. John made it fun to learn. He actually cares about you and how you absorb the information. His focus was on us getting the information, in order to help us pass the test.

Sylvie Broussard
Jan 21, 2020

Amazing Teacher!

John created a well put together all around study guide. Regardless of your preferred style of learning, visual, audio, flash cards etc. John has it all. I couldn't believe it but I actually had fun learning to take this test inside the classroom. John kept it light, taking necessary breaks and knowing how to keep the class in a all around good mood. This class delivers exactly what it is designed to do, teach you about taking the L & H exam period. haven't taken my test yet but I am more than confident i will not only pass but knock it out of the park.

zachary Ledebur
Jan 21, 2020

Great, great, great!

Mr. O'Neill is the best instructor I ever had. The class webinar was great, I didn't have to leave the house at all, and I was even able to participate. I scheduled my test couple of weeks after I completed the webinar, I passed my exam, and I'm now licensed in the state of Texas. I definitely recommend this course to everyone who needs to get the agents license.

Jan 21, 2020

General Lines-L&H Test

Mr. Tim O'Neill was a GREAT instructor. I was not expecting the webinar to be as successful as it was. I was able to ask questions at my own convenience and Mr. O'Neill always provided great feedback. He was very encouraging and that gave me peace of mind. I appreciate him taking time out to teach my class over the weekend. I highly recommend this webinar course. I passed my exam after taking it the first time!

Jan 17, 2020

almost there!

Tamela was great and displayed an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the industry, 20 years of experience and even moments of comic relief! who can ask for more?

enrico Trombini
Jan 13, 2020

Life and health license

I attended 2 days class with John Patton. I have not taken the test yet . But to be very honest John knows how to get desired out put . This course is not to get expiry but it has been develop to hit the target to acquire the license . John delivers with professionalism and treats students with respect and courtesy . At the same times he does not leave any stone unturned to make this class rigorous pleasant and fun . I really enjoyed the class with tons of info . I will suggest the title of this class Insurance License Training for Dummies .

I Naqvi
Jan 08, 2020