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General Property & Casualty

The classroom was most informative and the materials provided where spot on for the state test. The instructor and staff answered any and all questions and where very supportive. You still have to study and most importantly take the final exam test several times to prepare for the state test. Only thing I see that needs some review is on the Final Sample Tests..... some answers are marked wrong and then the explanation for the the right answer is the one you chose for the correct answer. (so you got it right but counted as a wrong answer and lowering your percentage of correct answers}. Still a 5 star rating!

Darryl Andrews
Jul 15, 2020

Comprehensive Property and Casualty Licence

I have to say!! Tim O'Neill is absolutely blessed to be a trainer, his superfluous knowledge on the subject matter is incomparable. The material is easy to read, video's are user-friendly for anyone doing online studies. There is no ambiguity. Thank you Texas Insurance Training Academy.

Alessandra Mann
Jun 22, 2020

webinar and exam material

John, did a great job on the webinar breaking it all down and not sugar coating what is reality. He stressed, read every question and every answer on the exam! Well that was the best thing I was told. Please go over the speed quizzes, and the possible test question given. I noticed that its about repetitive studying and the definitions given. Do as John said and you will do fine. Thanks again for the great training and your valuable assistance in helping me achieve my goal!

Jerald David Thomas Jr
Jun 15, 2020

Set Up For Success

I did the online training. I bugged John quite a bit with questions and follow up questions. He always got right back to me and was a huge help. I did sit in on 1 day of the webinar class. It was good too. Scored a 81 on the test. My practice exam average was a 79.8. Pretty accurate.

Jun 11, 2020


It was a lot of information, but I think I will do great on my test. Thank you for explaining every aspect of the test taking skills we need to pass the test.

Dollie Nolen
Jun 08, 2020

P&C General Lines

Review course was great! I received a score of 91. Would recommend this course to anyone needing an insurance license!

Ted Watkins
Jun 03, 2020

Excellent Experience! John is GREAT!!!

John’s method of teaching is very practical and easy to understand. I tried studying on my own for more than a month before I joined this program and hardly retained any information. After completing John’s course and studying for two weeks, I felt confident enough to take the Life and Health and exam and I passed on the first try! Highly recommend.

May 26, 2020

Excellent Instructor & Course Material!

I completed my 1st TITA Property & Casualty course yesterday. Cliff Pruett was an excellent instructor & materials were excellent, he stayed on point & made the time fly by. His test study tips were well received as their was a licensed agent and instructor-in-training in our class. Highly recommend!

Kathryn Skinner
May 23, 2020

Awesome as always

I just completed my 2nd training with TITA, and I can tell you I will refer everyone and anyone who needs licensing courses to them. I have completed two trainings and passed my exam on the first try both times. They are great guys, I have had a class in Dallas and a class in Houston, both locations are excellent. I honestly can't say enough about how awesome they are. Don't believe me? Give them a try.

Robert Morgan
May 19, 2020

Life & Health - LIVE Webinar Training

I elected the Live Web-Based Training. I know me and unless I am forced to go through it in a classroom setting, I would not utilize the MP3 or pdf study materials (I tried Quizlet and never really grasped the consepts) effectively. After sitting through the training, I am glad I did! John had a way of stating things to where, while taking the exam, you could remember key terms and their definitions in HIS VOICE. It was like he was whispering the answers in my ear! I did download the MP3s onto my phone and listen to each about 5 times. Also, the comparison charts that he had us write out (HMO/PPO/POS) during live webinar were invaluable. I could visualize the columns while taking the exam. The Practice Exams were great because if you miss a concept, it explains why. John is an incredible, personable instructor that has a great sense of humor and that makes the two, 6/7-hour days FLY BY! Take the exams with confidence, Texas Insurance Training Academy was well worth the money!

Laura Edge
May 14, 2020