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Life and Health

John is amazing!! If you can use his tools, I can honestly say that's what helped me the most. And LISTEN to him.

Jan 29, 2017

Life and Health

Class was very professional and informative the portal is easy to use and 24/7. I scored a 89 on my first test,well worth the money spent,thanks again!

Harold E Pollitt
Jan 26, 2017

Awesome Training

John Patton provided an excellent platform to grasp the concepts of health and life insurance in a clear-cut way. I passed the exam on my first attempt. Thank you, John!

Linda Stringer
Jan 24, 2017

Life and Health Insurance Exam

Passed my test on my first attempt. John is an extraordinary teacher and provides the right tools for his students to succeed and fun class to be in with interactive learning. If after attending the class the first time and you are not ready to take the exam, you can attend a second class for FREE in order boost your confidence?

Jan 11, 2017

Killed It!

Took the 2 day class and loved it! John teaches you HOW TO PASS THE TEST! I had my STATE EXAM scheduled a little soon(2 days later) but took the three sample test he provides.... studied what i missed each time.... reviewed a little before the state exam and crushed it w an 82! Thank You John!

Jan 10, 2017

Life and Health exam class

Excellent class with John. He keeps it moving and gets you ready to Pass your test!

Joe Cotter
Dec 28, 2016


Passed my test on my first attempt. Thanks to Texas Insurance Training Academy. I highly recommend on taking this course. If you need additional help John is there to help. Thanks again.. very pleased....

Dionne Decker
Oct 22, 2016


John Patton delivers a precise, fun class. If you prepare and stay alert, you will pass, Follow his instructions, listen.... Very easy Score 89

Michael Staley
Sep 30, 2016

Great class for a novice or an expert

I can't recommend this class enough. Instruction was clear, concise, and appropriately paced. I went into my test with confidence. I passed on my first attempt with flying colors. Thank you!

Rob S
Sep 12, 2016

Great Class

I hava a back ground in Medical and not life insurance. I took only this class for the review to obtain my life insurance license. I was very impressed with the class and how it was taught. I passed the test the first time. I highly recommend this class and John to any one who in interested in pursing licensing.

Dr Amy Wood
Sep 09, 2016