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passed in a week

John was pricise to the point, passed with just one week of preparation with their material and audio sessions of the class.

Apr 15, 2015

Cheat Sheet Rocks!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I had tried preparing for my exam using Kaplan's materials. They sent me 2 books and some CDs and I never could get through all of the materials. After ordering your Cheat Sheet and listening to your audio recordings, I felt much more confident in being able to pass my exam. I love the way you just gave us the information we needed and stressed word association. I wish I would have found your program sooner!

Frank M
Apr 02, 2015

Best Teacher Ever

John was a great teacher. He was funny and informative. The day after his second class I was able to pass. If you do exactly what he says you will pass the test. Wish i could give a better rating.

Michael J.
Mar 22, 2015

L&H insurance Licensure

John Patton is an excellent instructor. He really puts a lot of effort in making sure I know what I need to know to pass the exam. If you follow all of John\'s advice and do what he asks you to do you will pass the exam your first try. If you don\'t do what he asks you to do then you will find yourself taking it again. I recommend John Patton to anyone who is trying to get licensed.

Shan U.
Mar 19, 2015


John is a tremendous teacher. His passion and energy for his students success is unmatched. I was so impressed!!! Passed the state exam first time following his program. I highly recommend this course to anyone who want an effective and efficient approach to exam preparation. THANKS JOHN

Tim C.
Mar 16, 2015

Passed First Try

If I can pass both P&C and L&H find a ride to all the classes and take a few hours a day to get ready for both classes so can you! I'm a legally blind man who passed both classes on my first try P&C-77 and L&H-88. Just pay attention take some time to study on your own and be confident in the material you know and you'll do GREAT!

Scott T.
Feb 25, 2015

5 Stars aren't enough

First try 84%. Great learning environment with excellent instruction. Sitting through class for 2 short business days combined with the testing modules is all it takes. Thanks John.

Jon N.
Feb 23, 2015

Passed - First Try!!

Listening to John\'s instruction, combining his easy going class interaction and personal exam simulator time helped me pass on the first try for my Life & Health License. The class instruction is worth every minute and penny! \"Don\'t think, just know, pick it and go!\" Thanks John!

Justin C.
Feb 18, 2015


i took this class and passed my test the first try less than a week later! outstanding! I tell anyone interested to go to this class!

Keystan F.
Feb 10, 2015


Passed my exam the first time. Thanks John, for working with me. I know my situation was slightly different than your used to...Now lets knock out Life and Health!

Scott S.
Jan 24, 2015