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Must take this class!

John's class made this exam easy to conquer. Breaks down what you need to know for the exam, key words and concepts. Took course over a two day period, sat for my exam 5 days later and passed. Highly recommend. Thanks again!

Jason Zantjer
Aug 03, 2017

Yess!! I did it!!

After only 4 days of training with John - I walked into the testing center & passed with flying colors! His teaching methods gave me enough confidence to test within just 1-week of self studying. Follow John's exact method of training and you're guaranteed to walk out a winner just like I did!

Keandra Miller
Aug 02, 2017

Great Experience

Great experience, John was very flexible with my schedule. I followed his plan and passed the test my first time.

Armand Alle
Aug 02, 2017

Life and Health Class

Life & Health class in and it was amazing. It gave me that tools that I needed to pass the test. If you utilize the tools you will pass the test. I actually heard John in my head while taking the test. I would tell anyone that is studying for test to take this class it is money well spent!

Aug 02, 2017

Passed On the 1st Try

I took the Life & Health class during the July 4th weekend. There were only 3 students in the class which was more than I expected for the holiday weekend. Our instructor was Great!! His training of the material and real examples of the terms allowed me to not only be to learn the material but immediately understand how it applied to possible clients. It was excellent use of my WEEKEND! This classroom training along with the study material provided allowed me all the tools I need. I took my test a week later and PASSED!! Thank you for the training and the welcoming training environment. I would highly recommend this program and the instructor.

Shaunda Sotand
Jul 12, 2017

Most Efficient Studying Technique

Without John's help I would have been studying for the Life & Health exam far longer than needed. He teaches the most efficient ways to study for the test and if you listen and do what he says, the test itself will be a breeze!

Emily C.
Jul 09, 2017

Excellent use of time.

John was very engaging and funny. It was a wonderful class and I highly recommend it.

Jul 06, 2017

Life only

John was an excellent teacher with a review that helped me pass, all in all, a great class!

Rudy Moreno
Jun 30, 2017

Passed the test on 1st try

I just took my test today and PASSED it! I attended the 2 day workshop and watched it 2nd time then simply took the topic test 3 times each topic. Very easy to and prepared me well for the test.

Jonathan Medina
Jun 29, 2017

Best Test Prep Out There!

John's Presentation of the material is excellent! Solid information - great test taking tips - sincere interaction with all students. Thanks John!

Lewis Moreno
Jun 26, 2017