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Life and Health

Great class! Lots of information discussed and now I get to review the material at home to insure a passing grade!

Sep 21, 2020

P&C Insurance

Class started on time and Tim was amazing! He made sure you understood all of the important information. I highly recommend. I passed the exam without watching all of the videos and fully studying. The quizzes and final exams were very helpful.

Serinthia Brown
Sep 08, 2020

Texas Life And Health insurance license

this class was amazing and the filled out outline in the back of the book was a must have. I took the Texas Life And Health insurance license class this weekend and watch the videos before. I walked out with an 80 on the test taking it the first time. If I had had a little bit of extra time to study after the weekend I probably would’ve made a higher grade. Thank y’all so much for your help. Please put out a securities class! I would love to take the 6, 63 and seven classes with y’all.

Aug 17, 2020

Wonderful class

Very clear and informative. Took my P&C one time right after the 2 day webinar.. and passed!

Christie Mosley
Aug 10, 2020

The BEST study material and class available!

Tim O'Neill has thought of absolutely everything to get you ready for your exam! I was part of the property and casualty weekend webinar and the presentation and materials were excellent. Tim thoroughly explains every policy and concept you will need to know in a humorous and interesting way to keep you engaged. The video lessons and practice quizzes were extremely helpful and I appreciate how he guides you through signing up for the exam and scheduling an appointment for fingerprinting. I highly recommend this training course! Thank you Tim!

Parker Kennedy
Aug 08, 2020


Thought the material included within all the presentations, online simulator, etc. were totally on point with that covered in the test short of a few points which I had not seen but not suggesting it was not included in the material and I missed it. The delivery was very clear and concise, adequately addressing anticipated questions within the actual tests. The entire preparation materials allowed a first time passing score to be achieved. Thanks Tim and John - excellent job.

Jul 31, 2020

Web Class - Good Review

The instructor was engaging and helped to reinforce the concepts. The numerous typographical errors in the materials (both printed and online) were very distracting for me personally (although I realize this doesn't impact the content). I passed the exam on the first attempt. I really appreciated the online tools and the practice exams. I would like to see the material better organized particularly when only part of the material is covered in class. I do think more could have been covered (ex: Worker's Comp and Auto) and less time emphasizing Open and Named Peril.

Angela McDaniel
Jul 30, 2020

Coherent Instructions

John and his crew know what they are doing. I took the online course and passed the first time. Very responsive team and extremely helpful/knowledgeable in the industry.

Anthony Patton
Jul 25, 2020

Comprehensive Texas Property and Casualty

Tim O'Neill explained the information in this class in a way that made so my more sense to me than just reading it on my own. I would recommend this class to anyone.

Paula Chapman
Jul 19, 2020

Life & Health - Live Webinar Training

First, I Thank God that I passed the state exam on my first time! John's style of teaching and all the tools that he provides are great. Going over the material in his 2 day classes, watching the videos, doing the quizzes, the possible test questions, flashcards, the practice exams and studying is key to passing the test. I was nervous, so I prayed first, then did what John said to do, I wrote down on the pad Stop, Slow Down, Read Every Word, Sit back and Relax. Thank you John for everything, I will recommend your course to anyone wanting to get their insurance license. I got my license!

Mary Lou Vasquez
Jul 16, 2020