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Very Professional

The class was very professional and to the point.Thank you for giving us testing tips/techniques and GREAT clarification of materials.

Dean Dyess
Apr 11, 2018


The class was very helpful and the way John teaches it is a great help in understanding the material.

Marta Sonora
Apr 09, 2018

Life and Health

Mr John The fun and friendly instructor. He doesn’t mind going back to study questions until we understood. Thank you Mr John.

Michael Bui
Apr 09, 2018

Life and Health

I passed my Life and Health the first time with an 80. Great classroom experience, John, teaches you what you need to know to pass the test. I would highly recommend taking one of the courses. Well worth the money, time.

Apr 02, 2018

Amazing Class and Teacher!!!!

I have taken classes before through Kaplan in the past back in 2007-2008 I was unable to pass my test and with taking it 7 times I became discouraged. After taking this class and receiving my reading material (which the book is not as intimidating as Kaplan's and easier to read and comprehend) I finally passed my test. I have to say that the online study material that is offered definitely helps. I recommend using what they give you before and after the class. Thank you so much and I am so grateful for this class and excited to see where my career takes me.

Angela Knowlton
Mar 22, 2018

Great Material to study

The class was great and the material awesome. The class highlights all the important material/topics to cover. Not to mention that his method does work as well. His online material is helpful as well since all combined is your preparation for the test.

Jesus De La Garza
Mar 14, 2018

Great Instructions

The online study portion was great to prepare for the test. I wish there were more than two opportunities to take the guarantee exam. I think the guarantee portion should have unlimited access as well.

Aaron Jordan
Feb 26, 2018

P&C Prep

The classroom training combined with the online guides was perfect. Much better way to prepare for the exam than studying alone. Highly recommend.

David Winkley
Feb 24, 2018

Know, what you know, what you know...

I passed my Health, Life and Accident exam with an 83 on the first try all because I trusted John's method of his madness, not at first tho. However, when I did, his 2 day course gave me the confidence to apply and accept his concepts. For me, by taking his class and downloading the audio files and listening to his voice and the material over and over was key. And, most of all, know what you know you know, and he is the very reason his course and material is top notch and I highly recommend it.

Gina Hannah
Feb 23, 2018

Property and Casualty

I scored a 93 on the General Lines P&C exam on my first try. The online course was excellent preparation.

Feb 22, 2018