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I passed

John was an excellent instructor during the course. Although it was a very short class with a lot of information to learn, he gave us great study tips and guides to use at home. Hard work and dedication does pay off!!! So excited about my new career !!

Jun 29, 2018

Life and Health

Excellent class! Very thorough...all the study tools given after the class really helpful!

Trista Tredaway
Jun 26, 2018


Tim was fabulous in the classroom! I studied the way he suggested, got an 86 on the practice and an 85 on the test. I was completely prepared!!!!

Debora Suzette Sanchez
Jun 21, 2018

General lines - Property and Casualty

I passed my test the first time after taking this class. The simulater test was very difficult but the study guide, classroom teachings and lots of studying help me pass this test for the first time, without having any insurance background. I'm really glad I took the class and used the online resources!

Michele Davidson
Jun 18, 2018

Property & Casaulty

Thanks, Tim, I passed my P&C exam the first time after taking your class in Houston. Your teaching style made it possible. I recommend this class to anyone who wants to pass the first time.

Jun 16, 2018

Great class!

The class helped me prepare like I would prepare in college, word association. I didn't realize that this method was actually used by others lol. John is an amazing teacher and during the class he wants you to learn so you can pass. It can be hard for someone like me who wants to know the "why's and how's" but there is a reason! I highly recommend taking this class and working with John!

Jun 10, 2018

Just Like They Promised!!!

I searched for a system that would help me prepare for the test. Texas Insurance Licensing Academy advertised classroom, online, study tools, high success rates, and guarantees to passing the exam! I figured this is the the program for me. I went into the class with high expectations! I knew right away my expectations would be met. John was very engaging and taught in a way that kept the class focused on material related to the exam, not scenarios outside of that. I left the class feeling confident I could pass the test, but real life events happened and I lost my focus. John allowed me to return to class at a later date and continued to make himself available always responding to emails and calls. Finally, returning back to the classroom, listening to John's voice day after day on the MP3 player, using the well put together study guide, and taking the simulated exams, I knew I was ready! Took my test yesterday and came out with an 80%. I was so happy!

Jun 08, 2018

4 days, DONE

I really can just echo what others have said. I registered for the class, made myself familiar with the topics through the quizzes, attended class for 2 days, crammed each night and one more day, too my General Lines - Life Accident and Health exam the Monday evening following the Sat/Sun class, made an 89! I may not recommend my way of doing it but I can say the class and online study tools were 100% effective!

Jun 05, 2018


Thank you so much for the service you provide! The classroom experience and the online tools were so valuable. I appreciate the passion you have for helping others succeed. I passed my General Lines - Life Accident and Health exam on my first try!

Jun 04, 2018


Came in and took the class on Saturday and Sunday registered for my test on Friday and passed it.

bon ku
May 30, 2018