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Know, what you know, what you know...

I passed my Health, Life and Accident exam with an 83 on the first try all because I trusted John's method of his madness, not at first tho. However, when I did, his 2 day course gave me the confidence to apply and accept his concepts. For me, by taking his class and downloading the audio files and listening to his voice and the material over and over was key. And, most of all, know what you know you know, and he is the very reason his course and material is top notch and I highly recommend it.

Gina Hannah
Feb 23, 2018

Property and Casualty

I scored a 93 on the General Lines P&C exam on my first try. The online course was excellent preparation.

Feb 22, 2018

Life and Health

I passed on my first try. YAH ME! I took the live class and it was awesome. You get to learn from the comfort of your home . Best of all you don't miss anything that is done and said in the class. I also used the study guide that I was able to re-play over and over.

Angela Aguirre
Feb 21, 2018

Life and Health

Great class. The dynamics...the back and forth...the instruction and followup was great studying tools.

Andrew Colunga
Feb 19, 2018

Worth Every Penny and More!

This class is exactly what I needed to pass the Health and Life Licensing test. John did a great job keeping the class lively and absolutely focusing us on prepping for the test. Also, the online study tools were incredibly helpful. I went to a weekend class, used the online tools and "John's Pass the Test Guarantee". I took the test the next weekend and passed easily. If you want to maximize your time and resources, sign up with John Patton and take his class. Thanks, John!

Kenton Getz
Feb 17, 2018

Great Class!!!!

This class is wonderful it really helps you understand what the test is about. Our instructor Clint Pruett took time and explained everything in the book. I recommend this class 100%. Thank you!!!!

alma solis
Feb 15, 2018

This class is a MUST!

John does a great job teaching you how to pass the exam. Focuses on possible questions you'll see on the State exam, and how to answer them correctly. Helps with exam taking tips and procedures.

Stacy Urban
Feb 13, 2018

Thank You!!!

I had originally purchased a Exam Cram booklet from barnes and nobles that was very confusing. I was concerned that I was just reading information that I did not need. I contacted Mr.John and he put my mind at ease regarding what might be best for me. I used this tools and passed my test on the first try. Wahoo!!

Morgan Meade
Feb 13, 2018

Property & Casualty Testing

I think going over the bolded point in the class handout and studying it several times did me the most good. I tried to focus on the bolded points and then memorize the details associated with them. Thanks for the instruction in the class.

Andrew McMurry
Feb 02, 2018

Didn't pass until this class!

I failed the test 3 times before finally passing after I took this class and made an 84!! :) Highly recommend! Better prices than all of the other classes too.

Jan 25, 2018