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2 + 2 = pass

Class was 2 days, i made an 80% on pre-exam, scheduled earliest test date which was 2 days away and passed.

Jan 23, 2019

Loved this class!!!

I enjoyed this class so much and I loved our instructor! I felt that the information was broken down and presented to us in a way that was simple to understand and easier to remember. The study tools are amazing! The way the questions are formulated and repeated in the quizzes have helped me to absorb and understand the information. The mp3 audio was like the icing on the cake, it made the information really stick in my memory. I feel extremely prepared and confident for the state exam! Thank you!!

Kairen Chavira
Jan 19, 2019

Life and Health pre-license training

Passed my Test with a 91.The online tools you provide are invaluable....Also enjoyed the Classroom Instructor...and the post class communication with John Patton.

Byran Spurling
Jan 11, 2019

Thanks to John, I scored a 90 on the Life exam!

I originally got my Life & Health license back in 2003. Over time I let it lapse, and needed to get it again here in 2019. So, I got John's materials and then decided to give myself a deadline right away... I scheduled my exam only 6 days after getting John's course (before even starting it), so I had to learn quick! I personally like the topic reviews, "test tips" he provides, and the simulated exam to help me prepare. I went through those multiple times, and took my exam - and was thankful to score a 90! I felt like John's materials prepared me well enough that I didn't need to second guess my answers or go back through questions on the exam... just answered every one with my "first instinct" and finished the exam. Thanks John for saving me time and extra effort in helping me pass the exam the first time out!

Scott Rogers
Jan 11, 2019

Property and Casualty

All i have to say study! study! as long as you follow the steps of this online course you should not have a problem, don't overwhelm yourself take breaks..(review before the test and get plenty of rest,) I took my test and passed it the very first time on 01/04/2019 *

Jan 08, 2019

Property and Casuality

was a great guide and looking forward to do the exam in 2 weeks. I did my Life and Health and passed the first time.

Denis M Nyamwega
Dec 29, 2018

Great Class

wonderful information. Study guide was great and very useful. :) I passed my first time with a score of 84

Dec 28, 2018

Life & Health Class

Took the life and health 2 day class. The teacher was very thorough and brought everything into focus. I had previously registered for an online course. Because it's so much information to learn this style was not helpful. However, after taking the class and given the amazing study tools, I felt confident that I would pass the exam. I took the class over a weekend and took the exam 2 days later and passed on the first try!!

Dec 12, 2018

2nd class

Took the Life, Health and Accident and passed first time! Passed my Property & Casualty this morning! Study the book and take the quizzes on ExamFX. Easy breezy!

Nov 28, 2018

Wonderful teacher and class experience!

John was a great teacher - he really helped us all understand what will be on the test and made the learning actually fun - I am now feeling much more confident about taking the test after I do the continuing online study component that comes with this package.

Nov 17, 2018