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4 days, DONE

I really can just echo what others have said. I registered for the class, made myself familiar with the topics through the quizzes, attended class for 2 days, crammed each night and one more day, too my General Lines - Life Accident and Health exam the Monday evening following the Sat/Sun class, made an 89! I may not recommend my way of doing it but I can say the class and online study tools were 100% effective!

Jun 05, 2018


Thank you so much for the service you provide! The classroom experience and the online tools were so valuable. I appreciate the passion you have for helping others succeed. I passed my General Lines - Life Accident and Health exam on my first try!

Jun 04, 2018


Came in and took the class on Saturday and Sunday registered for my test on Friday and passed it.

bon ku
May 30, 2018

Extremely Helpful

Took the property and casualty class with Clint. Got a great score my first test. Highly recommend this class!

May 22, 2018

Awesome Class

Came in and took the class on Saturday and Sunday registered for my test on Monday and pass it by 11 a.m.

Emily A Baker
May 21, 2018


After attending the class with John, I passed the test on the first attempt. I know many others who have not passed the first or second attempts. John is a great instructor! He brings some fun and humor to his class, and he truly wants to see success for the attendees. I highly recommend starting here first! Thanks John!!

Kim C
May 19, 2018


I’m so stinking excited!!! Omg!! I passed property and casualty the first time and life and health... i didn’t do the test as i was told! Listen to these guys they know how to pass the test!! I’m so HAPPY

Nikia Lewis
May 18, 2018

Great Teacher! Great Class!!!!!!

John is an excellent teacher and gives you the tools to pass the test! You still need to study between the class and the actual test but he "get's you ready"!! I would highly recommend the Texas Insurance Training Academy to anybody that want's to get a license! John brings a real world point of view about the industry and tells you all you need to know to pass the test. Thank you John. You are a star!

Lee Croney
May 16, 2018

Best prep class

John's 2-day life class/ webinar prepared me for my Life/Health exam. His style makes it easy to learn the material. I made an 84% the first time.

May 12, 2018

Property and casualty

The best!! I’m so glad i chose your class!! Thank you so much!! Your teaching skills is top notch!! Clint and John both are amazing!!

May 09, 2018