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Amazing !!!!

John was engaging and very informative. He worked with us each individually on the areas we needed help in the most I go on Tuesday to take my States Exam and I am confident I will do well thanks to him and the tools he has provided me.

Ashleigh Hogan
May 23, 2019

L&H with Tamela

Class was amazing with Tamela. I spent weeks doing self study and did not feel I was getting anywhere other than much knowledge without direction. The class with Tamela provided direction and what to study for in order to prepare/pass the exam. Not to mention, we had lots of fun. Thanks....feeling confident and ready for the exam.

Linda Anderson
May 17, 2019


Hey All, I forgot to write a review a few months back, glad that I still can. These guys are amazing. I already had my adjusters license so the P&C course was more of a refresher. That being said... I learned SOOO MUCH from my weekend in Houston. I was ambitious and took the test the wednesday following the class. I passed with a A. I cannot recommend these guys enough. They make it interesting and easy to understand I wish I had used them for my adjuster training years ago.

Robert Morgan
May 13, 2019

L & H class with Tamela

Very good class. Covers everything for the exam in a matter of a few days, as opposed to self-study of weeks and weeks. I took 3 practice exams on the web site, improved each time, and then easily passed the real exam the following week. Just waiting on my license now. Highly recommend this class.

Tim Gill
May 10, 2019

Property & Casualty

Great class and the support before, during, and after the class from both John Patton and Tamela Bowie was terrific!! I passed it !!

Cynthia Gutierrez
Apr 22, 2019

Life and Health

This training class was excellent. Good interaction and it’s nice to apply the concepts as you learn them.

Apr 18, 2019


I loved this class. This was a totally different arena for me so I needed to learn EVERYTHING. I participated by webinar and it was great. Tim, the instructor was entertaining and kept things interesting and relatable. After class I studied for a week and just took my exam today and passed with an 82. For such a hard bunch of material, I was quite pleased with my score.

Apr 16, 2019

Business Owner

What a great class to help prepare for the real world of commercial insurance!! I passed the test too! I’ve never had someone present the policy as well as Tim did. Thank you!! High recommend this class! I believe I will come back for the life class!!

Joni Schultz
Apr 16, 2019


TITA is the perfect training Academy for people in career transition with busy schedules to acquire professional licenses. Tamela Bowie is a TITA ROCK STAR!

Rod Kyle
Apr 13, 2019

P&C Webinar

I thought the class was outstanding and the instructor was very good. He made it interesting and easy to follow. It was just like being in the classroom.

Terri Hoelscher
Apr 08, 2019