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The only way...

The only way I would’ve passed the Life and Health exam on my first try, is by taking this class. I came in with very little knowledge of the terms and concepts we learned in the class. I studied for a couple weeks after completing the course using the study guide, online practice exams and skills Kathi taught me during the 2 day course. I start my insurance job in 2 weeks!

Ryan Blake
Sep 17, 2018

Excellent !

Clint was fun to learn with and very knowledgeable I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in insurance business , guide book this agency provides you with is great .Thank you so much .

Aida Hadzic
Sep 12, 2018

Saving Grace

I have been licensed for property & casualty for the past three years and have gotten to a point in my career to where it is just silly to not take advantage of the huge amount of people who do not have insurance on themselves. After looking into the material, I had Vietnam like flashbacks of trying to teach myself the foreign language that is insurance when I was studying for my P&C license. It was not pleasant. I decided to come take one of the classes and can honestly say that I would have had no chance at this stuff without it. While I do not think that the class ALONE is enough to pass the exam, I can PROMISE that it gives you the foundation needed to make sense of everything to a point where you will feel confident going into the exam. I can 100% say that I would not have had a prayer with out the 2 classes. Thank you for offering this service!

Thomas C
Aug 29, 2018

General Lines - Property & Casualty

I thought the fastest way for me to ramp up for the Property & Casualty (P & C) license exam was to attend the instructor-led class. I attended the P & C class (8/18 - 8/19) with little P & C knowledge other than what I researched. After taking the class, I studied for a week and took two exams on 8/27. I passed the All Lines – Adjuster license exam in the morning and passed the General Lines – P & C Insurance license exam in the afternoon. The exams covered a little bit of EVERYTHING, and I believe the class instruction along with the materials/online resources covered the majority of the questions on both exams. I am glad I enrolled in the class.

Aug 28, 2018

Very Good!!!

Excellent class!!! Very motivating as well!!! I left fully equipped to pass the exam!!! Thank you everything!!

Jennifer Cantave
Aug 21, 2018


It helps that the person teaching the class holds a license themselves. The tools that are given for taking the test are very helpful and they know what they are talking about. I took the class 6/14-15/18 and sat for the exam on 6/28 and passed it my first time. This class was worth it!!!!!

Juanita G.
Aug 20, 2018

Passed the first time!

So glad I took this class!! It made all the difference in being able to pass the exam the first time! Looking forward to being an agent.

Aug 17, 2018

Most helpful

I took my exam today for general lines and health and passed! I wanted to thank you for your class and it indeed was very helpful. The flow of the content whether in class or on paper is so fundamental to understanding the information and concepts. Now for the next chapter!

Maribelia S Llanes
Aug 10, 2018

Wonderful Online Resources

I purchased the online class in order to obtain my insurance license, and after approximately two weeks of studying I am able to say I passed the test with ease!! I was very nervous about the test but with the resources provided I was more than capable of passing the exam! I will definitely recommend this program to anyone coming into this field!

Aug 06, 2018

In training

Tim was a great teacher. He said things that stuck in my head and when I come to certain questions I can hear his voice. It helps me select the correct answers. His class was a big help to me.

Aug 03, 2018