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Life and Health

This training class was excellent. Good interaction and it’s nice to apply the concepts as you learn them.

Apr 18, 2019


I loved this class. This was a totally different arena for me so I needed to learn EVERYTHING. I participated by webinar and it was great. Tim, the instructor was entertaining and kept things interesting and relatable. After class I studied for a week and just took my exam today and passed with an 82. For such a hard bunch of material, I was quite pleased with my score.

Apr 16, 2019

Business Owner

What a great class to help prepare for the real world of commercial insurance!! I passed the test too! I’ve never had someone present the policy as well as Tim did. Thank you!! High recommend this class! I believe I will come back for the life class!!

Joni Schultz
Apr 16, 2019


TITA is the perfect training Academy for people in career transition with busy schedules to acquire professional licenses. Tamela Bowie is a TITA ROCK STAR!

Rod Kyle
Apr 13, 2019

P&C Webinar

I thought the class was outstanding and the instructor was very good. He made it interesting and easy to follow. It was just like being in the classroom.

Terri Hoelscher
Apr 08, 2019

Great Study Materials

Study materials and classroom helped me know what information is required for me to know to pass the test. Great Job!

Blake Edward Williams
Mar 22, 2019

Love these guys

I took the classes, and passed it. They really care if you succeed! Tim and John are my heroes! Amazing company, people and materials are spot on!

Dina Deniz
Mar 18, 2019

Class Works

Tamela was awesome! I took the class on the 9/10, passed the exam today. I recommend to any and everyone.

Damian Morton
Mar 15, 2019

Life and Health

Great class

Nannette Benman
Mar 09, 2019

Thanks to Tim I was able to pass 4 days after taking the course!

Tim was a great instructor! His thorough, comprehensive explanation of everything from types of policies to definitions were spot on. He highlighted all of the important information needed to pass the test. I took the online class on a Saturday and Sunday, reviewed the video on Tuesday and passed my test with an 81 on Thursday! I highly recommend this program!

Jennifer King
Feb 15, 2019