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Property & Casualty Classroom

Current P&C Classroom Schedule

Jul 19-20

Arlington Property & Casualty - $289.00 Sign Up Now

2 Day Class Ft. Worth(Arlington) 6 Available Seats

Jul 21-22

Houston Property & Casualty (weekends) - $299.00 Sign Up Now

2 Day Class Kingwood (Houston) 6 Available Seats

Aug 11-12

Houston Property & Casualty (weekends) - $299.00 Sign Up Now

2 Day Class Kingwood (Houston) 7 Available Seats

Aug 13-14

Allen Property & Casualty - $289.00 Sign Up Now

2 Day Class Allen 15 Available Seats

Aug 18-19

Harlingen Property & Casualty - $299.00 Sign Up Now

2 Day Class San Benito (Harlingen) 15 Available Seats

Aug 22-23

Arlington Property & Casualty - $289.00 Sign Up Now

2 Day Class Ft. Worth(Arlington) 11 Available Seats

Property & Casualty Exam Prep Class

The Texas Property & Casualty classroom course covers each section of the Texas General Lines Property & Casualty exam. We cover the types of property policies and the provisions that go along with them.

We also cover the types of casualty polices, bonds, workers compensation and a wealth of insurance related terms and concepts.

Class Info

This is a 2 1/2 day course. Class times are from 9-5 the first 2 days and 9-1 on the 3rd day. You will be emailed your online exam simulator code within 24 hours of registration. Your student manual will be available on the first day of class. You will need to bring a pen, paper and a highlighter. We will take short breaks throughout the day and an hour for lunch.

Our Guarantee

After completing this two day class and completing the Guarantee Exam on the Exam Simulator with at least an 80% score, if you don’t pass the Texas state insurance exam on the first attempt, Texas Insurance Training Academy will allow you to go back through the class for a nominal fee and also pay your licensing exam fee on your next attempt.

Continuing Education Requirements

This license requires 24 hours of continuing education every 2 years, of which 2 hours must be Ethics. Plus 50% of the hours must be classroom or classroom equivalent such as online CE courses. See our Continuing Education section for more information.

If a licensee does not complete the 24 hours of CE before the expiration date of the license, the licensee will have 90 days to complete the deficient number of hours and pay a fine of $50 per deficient hour. If these two conditions are not met within 90 days of the license expiring, the license will be inactivated, and the licensee will have to apply for a new license. A new license will not be granted until the deficient CE hours are completed and the fine is paid. In order to ensure that there is no delay in renewing a license, license holders are encouraged to complete CE hours at least 30 days before the license expires to allow time for the CE provider to report the successful completion of the course(s) to TDI.

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