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FREE - Confessions Of An Insurance Agent

Table of contents

  1. Why insurance?
  2. But I hate insurance!
  3. Thinking like an advisor.
  4. Be a student of your craft.
  5. Challenge yourself.
  6. Be a leader, not a boss.
  7. Control what you can control.
  8. Perception is reality.
  9. Show business
  10. Stage setting
  11. Practice being the best version of yourself.
  12. The “chair” problem
  13. Now what?
  14. Over-deliver.
  15. Remember to re-apply for the job.
  16. Stay relevant to your clients.
  17. Stay passionate about what you do!

Confessions Of An Insurance Agent - From hating insurance to selling it! How I built a business using the heart and skills of a teacher.

by Allen Drew

Do you hate shopping for insurance? Try selling it!

Although insurance companies have some of the most entertaining commercials on television, most people still dread shopping for insurance more than just about any other product or service. The experience people have often leaves them confused as to what they are really paying for. As an insurance agency owner since 2001, I have learned it doesn’t have to be that way.

This book will explain how people can have a better experience when buying insurance if:

  • They feel that their needs are the focus of the agent.
  • They feel confident the insurance coverage will help them when it’s needed.
  • The customer relationship is maintained by the agent through effective communication.

This book will also explain how insurance agents can:

  • Create a learning environment when meeting with a client.
  • Foster the perception of an insurance expert.
  • Build an agency team of teachers.
  • Continue to educate and coach clients beyond the initial purchase.

The best salespeople are good teachers too. Buying insurance requires trust that the policy you buy is what you need. An insurance agent that can educate someone on their needs as well as their policy coverages will earn that trust. Maintaining that trust as life and needs change will allow for a long term client/ advisor relationship which is the ultimate goal. As insurance agents, we don’t want our clients to shop around. It’s still going to happen; but if we stand out as someone they really trust they will remain as loyal, happy clients. Everybody wins.

I grew up in small towns all my life. Ten different towns and 6 different schools before the 7th grade seemed like a terrible thing as a kid. In hindsight, I think it helped me learn how to interact with strangers and try to win them over as friends. That happens to be a skill that comes in very handy as a business owner.

I have been married to my wife for over 25 years. Twentyfive years of marriage may sound amazing to some. I would disagree. Being more in love with my wife after twenty-five years is what is amazing to me!

My idea of having fun is playing catch with my son and daughter in the backyard. A close second is watching my wife get excited about her white-chocolate mocha when we go out for coffee. Makes me smile every time.

I was a teacher and coach for 8 years before becoming an insurance agency owner. The last 16 years I have been trying to navigate the waters of being a business owner in the insurance industry. I have never been “agent-of-theyear”, but I have learned you don’t have to be in order to be successful. The best teachers and coaches are the ones that try to make a lifelong impact on their students and players. It’s not just about the grades or the final score of a game.

With this same motivation I have developed my businessview. Teaching people about insurance is not just explaining coverage terms. That’s like saying Algebra is just explaining formulas. Haven’t we all said, “Why do I need to learn this?” Insurance is a tool and I want to teach people how to use it effectively and efficiently.

When I committed to writing a book, I thought about what I wanted to say and who I wanted to hear it. I knew I wanted to share my journey to owning an insurance agency and I wanted to offer some guidance on operating an insurance agency.

I hope two groups of people will read this book. First, I hope my clients and prospective clients will read it and learn more about how I look at the insurance industry and how I view the nature of my relationship with my clients. Shopping for insurance is something most people avoid if at all possible. They approach the purchase of insurance on the defensive. Usually because their experience with insurance has involved salespeople that seem to be pushing them toward a purchase instead of guiding them in understanding what they need. I want my clients to expect me to educate them and to provide unique solutions for them because that is what they deserve.

Second, I hope current and prospective insurance agents will read this book, not because I need the validation, but because the competition in this business is so fierce and because the demand to sell, sell, sell causes many agents to cut corners, sidestep rules, and sometimes outright cheat to sell policies. I know agents can be successful when they educate their clients and build an advisor relationship. Yes, there will always be people in every sales industry, including insurance, that are only interested in the shortterm; those are the ones the rest of us have to protect our clients from. Hopefully, if you are already an insurance agent or are considering becoming one, there is an idea or two in here that will inspire you or confirm how you run your business.

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