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One of a kind class.....

I passed the 1st time!!!! What a great class! God broke the mold when he created John! What a motivator. I took the Life & Health Training and had so much fun! I was pumped right after the greeting! I learned what to focus on and pressed on. The Study Tools are a must! I used his information and made my flashcards. I listened to John via the MP3's to and from work every day. Even on the weekends I would listen to him while doing housework. This is a great class and worth the money. At some point I would like to attend this class again.

Tina H
Aug 10, 2016

Great class...even better teacher

Took the class and passed the test on the first attempt. John is a phenomenal teacher and provides the right tools for his students to succeed. Thank you John! I will highly recommend to all taking this exam!

Aug 03, 2016

Awesome Class

I took the class July 2nd & 3rd. I really enjoyed It! John is a great teacher. If you do what he says you will pass. I had to wait longer than I wanted to take the test.. But took it July 30th and passed with an 82. Thanks so much John!

Brandi Daliege
Jul 30, 2016

Passing the test

If you want a class that can teach you how to pass the test, this is it! I went in with 0 knowledge and passed on the first try! The tips and advice he gives you for the test are golden, definitely recommend ????

Karla Gonzalez
Jul 27, 2016


Attended the class this weekend and took the test the very next day and passed,would not been possible without John's instruction. Recommend his course to anyone for the knowledge and confidence to pass your test.

Canuto Kano Galindo
Jul 25, 2016

Great class!!!

I recently took the general lines class. Going in I had zero knowledge of the insurance industry, after taking Johns class I easily passed the state exam. Worth every penny for the class. Thanks John!!

Jason Scott
Jul 08, 2016

2 Days after my class and passed test!!

One word: Genius! John you are right on target. I took class on 4th of July weekend and by following Wednesday I passed my test with a solid 82 . Your approach to teaching and techniques how to prepare for test made the difference. Thank you so much .

Carolina Carrick
Jul 08, 2016

Best Learning Experience....

In the last two day's, I have spent 16 hrs in a Life & health insurance training course. Let me just say...Omg!!! Who knew there was so much information? ?? I enjoyed it throughly, I really did, but that's me.....?? I'm thankful to have had such a great teacher. John Patton (Texas Insurance Training Academy www.examtexas.com) you did an amazing job in dumbing down the information for someone like myself, who's never been in insurance. I learned so much.?? I can't stress.. enough how important it is to have a great teacher. Your teaching skills are the reason I'm going to pass my exam. Signed : A Very Happy Student..?? Thanks again??

Jul 03, 2016

General lines Life and Health Course

Thank you,thank you, thank you! I wanted to start by saying thank you because your class was Phenomenal! I took License Coach online for 30 days and still did not learn as much as I did taking his course for 2days! And passed my test! The class is very informative and he teaches you exactly what you need to know! John is an amazing teacher and has mastered the art of the Insurance exams and I stand by his class 110%! Thank you John Patton you Rock!

Sascha Simmons
Jun 24, 2016

Indeed - This class helped me pass!

John, thank you so much for the class. I scheduled my exam for about a week and a half after the class and passed with an 88! The techniques you taught us were, indeed, what helped me to pass. I am so very thankful for your great attitude toward teaching, your humor during the class and the word/product associations! I highly recommend this class to anyone who is preparing for state license testing!

Tonya Mills
Jun 13, 2016