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Life & Health Classes go LIVE on Video

Texas Insurance Training Academy is utilizing the latest technology to conduct its live insurance pre-licensing classes over LifeSize video. John Patton, owner of TITA, says that this new avenue of being able to conduct his classes will greatly expand his reach across the State of Texas as well as across the country. 

An important aspect of learning is to be able to connect the dots using different senses. There is a small section of the population that is able to read information only and have it make enough sense that they can go out and pass their exam. Unfortunately, for the rest of us, we need more than just reading to be successful.

Through the use of LifeSize video, we are able to have our students take advantage of our live teaching without actually having to be in the classroom. They can see in real time what is happening and are able to interact with the instructor. Not only can they see and interact with the instructor, they will also see on their screen everything the instructor is writing on the smart board.

Our experience at Texas Insurance Training Academy has been that the majority of the students who try and prepare on their own by just reading a boring book, have had trouble passing their exam, not only on the first attempt, but on multiple attempts. Once we can get that same student in to a live classroom environment, their comprehension level goes way up as well as their confidence.

Our live video based classes are only available for someone who is seeking to get their Life & Health insurance license. However, we do offer an online, video based course for those that are seeking to get any of the other types of insurance or securities licenses.



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