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Texas Insurance License Life and Health Study Tools

About Our Study Tools

We have created these 'Cliff-Note' style versions for taking the Life and Health Insurance Exam for people that can’t attend one of our 2 day classes or for those that have tried other programs that haven't delivered results. We have learned over the last 4+ years of teaching this course there is a lot of information being fed to students that will be of no benefit when it comes to passing the exam! Our goal is to teach students the test taking skills they needed to be successful on the exam. We have all been taught information throughout our lives, but how many times have we had a teacher focus on the skills we need to pass the exam they were going to be giving us?

Our program cuts to the chase!

Can you do word association? Can you learn definitions? If you said yes to either of these questions, these study tools will help you pass the Texas Life and Health insurance exam! With all of the information that could possibly be on your exam, we have found that if you can just get bulleted definitions in your mind and get the information compartmentalized, you can answer the majority of the questions on the test. By using our PDF Cheat Sheet, along with listening to the MP3s, you will be able to simplify the information down into manageable pieces.

This course along with the MP3 files is worth every cent. As someone who hasn't had to study for an exam in ages this class prepared me to pass on the first try.

Phil C.

Our Goal

All of the other programs are going to try and 'teach' you insurance; that is the last thing on our mind. Our only goal is to get you to PASS the test! We know that if you commit to our PDFs and our audio instruction, you will know enough to go into the testing center and answer enough questions to be able to walk out with a passing grade.

Our study tools include the following:

  • Access to the FULL exam outline in PDF format along with important facts about each section
  • ListenUp! MP3's for each section of the exam – almost 4 hours of audio recordings
  • PDF and Audio Cheat Sheet to help you focus on only the important information that is going to be on test
  • SmartStart Mentoring Program – Unlimited phone and email access to the course's creator
  • Our Cheat Sheet is a perfect supplement to any study materials you currently have

Remember, this test isn’t about who knows the most, it is about who knows enough to PASS! If you can 'dummy' this information down to word association and vocabulary, we guarantee you will pass. Our goal is to drown out all of the voices in your head…and yes, you have voices in your head, so that when you take the test, you walk out with a passing grade.

You can have access to these tools for only $39.99.

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